Have you visited your own blog site lately? It may have news for you

Tapestry detail



I went through my own blogsite on Saturday– spent some time there, sprucing things up a bit. I changed the appearance– the colour scheme, the font and a few other features. I thought about changing the theme, but I wasn’t feeling quite THAT adventurous, (although according to WP it is quite easy), so I decided to stay with what I know and just tweak and freshen things up a bit. There’s nothing like a bit of a trim and a pop of new colour to help you step up a gear. Oh, and I added a new page, dedicated to my writing dabbles, which I shall add to over time, till it’s bursting at the seams. At the moment there is just one piece of short fiction in there. Baby steps.


In the process I realised a few things, or maybe it’s more precise to say that I revisited a few truths as I went back in time to my very first blog posts.


Have you visited you own blog site lately? Have you been in to check on your hard work, to relive some of those moments? Have you ever checked out old drafts that you saved, but which remained incomplete or for other reasons unposted? Are there any posts that you later deleted from your site because they somehow just didn’t quite work? Is there anything there in your stash of posts and half posts that made you think later, “What was I thinking?” Have you ever gone on to your site and typed into your own search bar, or clicked on your categories, tags (if you are using those particular widgets on your site) and archives? Have you been back to your first ever blog post ?  My first blogs go back to July 2017. Some people’s blogs are far older than that; they have true vintage and deserved to be dusted off and brought to light!


Have you ever been truly awe -inspired, retrospectively, by your own astounding wisdom? (Ok, that probably sounds a bit far- fetched, so how about your own ‘humble’ wisdom?) Have you ever looked back over your own blog and thought ‘My word, I didn’t know I had it in me — was it me who did that?’ And what about ‘Wow did I really take those great pictures with my modest little phone camera?’ Or how about ‘Amazing; was it really me doing all that research, including the Latin names of plants that I have growing in my garden; and how about all those inspirational articles I saved from the past, and then going on to link them to my posts because they are just so special that I just had to include them? All that detail!’


All the above have happened for me.


I think it’s important to look back on your own blog from time to time. Revisit your creations, tumble around with them a bit, and let them guide you on to greater things. And have fun! Looking back helps you track your progress and your trajectory, giving you insight into where you have been and where you might like to go next. It helps you to see your impact out there. It is always good to know that other people have read and gained something from your thoughts and insights, and from your commitment to the things that you are passionate about.


Chances are that your posts have been inspired by other people’s blogs and posts, or by comments that they have made over time on your posts. It’s often the reading and reflecting upon other people’s work that stays with us and plants the seeds of our own creations, consciously or otherwise. I have time and again been encouraged and motivated by the insights of other writers and bloggers. Sometimes it seems that we need each other to practice wisdom on. In my own experience, it is often easier to be the pillar of strength and insight for others; it is difficult to be that person for yourself. It’s one of the reasons that we all need each other, I guess.


Yet it’s often ourselves who we write for, and not necessarily the other, because there are things that we want to affirm to ourselves, things we want to clarify and crystalise: pieces of research and information that we have stored; adages and quotations that we love; the beauty of trees and birds; photography and other artwork, passages from well loved books, essays, songs or movies, or even something that made you feel outraged or sad or angry today. It’s not always the positive, inspiring things that motivate us to write. We put a stamp on those bits and pieces that have meant something to us, placing them on the page, putting them down in black and white, to be visited over and over as needed. So maybe go back onto your own blog, not as a writer but as a reader. Go in as if for the first time. You might just discover something.


And we may do well to remember that if we go around dropping pearls of wisdom, we shouldn’t just let them roll away, never to be seen again. Remember to keep something for yourself.















7 thoughts on “Have you visited your own blog site lately? It may have news for you

  1. Louise Gallagher 2020-05-21 / 7:31 pm

    That last piece of wisdom about dropping its pearls is priceless. Such a good post. Thanks!


    • amandAVNiekerk 2020-05-22 / 3:00 pm

      Haha thanks Louise! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Have a lovely weekend


  2. annette 2020-05-21 / 8:25 pm

    Dearest Amanda,Have I told you how relevant your words are to me, personally? Just reminding me to put energy into my own gig is of value!I find, from an earning perspective,  as soon as I touch something,  with my mind or my hands, thats where the magic sparkles. Keep those ideas coming, keep spring cleaning your blogs, tweak and play, its what makes a life worthy of living.Biiiig hug,Annette. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


  3. amandAVNiekerk 2020-05-22 / 3:03 pm

    O wow, that’s lovely Annette! So glad you found it helpful, and thanks for your words of encouragement; always good to hear. Big hug right back at you!


  4. zelmare 2020-09-26 / 11:37 am

    I recently started blogging again after a hiatus of about 4 years (except for one random post 2 years ago.) I was shocked by the fact that all of my previous posts have disappeared! And it seems I cannot get them back… So I have no way of comparing anything. I do remember I had quite a few good ones, but that is in my mind – maybe if I looked at them now, I’ll think differently.


    • amandAVNiekerk 2020-09-26 / 1:56 pm

      Oh no! Surely it’s not right for your previous posts to just disappear…. Have you tried getting hold of WordPress Admin? They should be able to recover those for you. Wow four years is a long time to be away. Glad you came back and thanks for the Follow 🙂


      • zelmare 2020-09-26 / 1:59 pm

        I did send a message, but heard nothing back. 🤦🏼‍♀️ But, that’s the way it is. I’m also glad to be back. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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