When the packaging outweighs the product.


I needed a mobile case for my new Samsung cellphone. My husband returned from shopping with this very nice phone glove which fits and showcases my phone perfectly. What’s not so perfect is the packaging (plastic and cardboard casing with a plastic hook) which weighs three times as much as the phone glove, 54 grams to be precise, as compared to the phone glove’s 18 grams. The packaging did include some information about the phone glove’s features, durability tests (apparently it has been drop tested to military standard) and short history of the company, Body Glove. Very little reading really, which could quite happily have fitted onto something far more size- appropriate considering the weight and dimensions of the actual item which it contained.

The casing was clearly designed for display; hung up as it was for viewing by its little plastic hook in Vodacom’s accessories section. I understand that companies need to showcase their products in a way that consumers can see what it is that they are buying, but surely they can do better than this? In a time when there is a groundswell of support for individuals and companies to refuse excess packaging, especially plastic, this just seems unnecessarily wasteful and makes me think that companies who use this kind of marketing are out of touch and irresponsible. I say: rather set the bar higher for yourselves and for other companies to follow, and consider the environment when it comes to packaging and promoting your products. Yes, items such as electronic devices and their accessories need to be well packaged for protection against damage; this too needs to be considered. However when it’s a single layer of flexible silicone to wear over your cellphone, surely a too-large, box-like casing containing a layer of plastic and another piece of loose moulded plastic and a plastic hook is excessive. Especially when the packaging weighs 3 times as much as the product. Something is just wrong with that picture. Maybe I should write a letter of complaint/ suggestion to Samsung. And Body Glove. And Vodacom. Where to begin…….. πŸ™‚










6 thoughts on “When the packaging outweighs the product.

  1. pjlazos 2018-11-09 / 11:33 pm

    This is just wrong especially since we’re killing the planet with plastic.


    • amanda 2018-11-10 / 11:31 am

      I know: I could hardly believe it! All this big brand marketing, including the manufacturers of these items and the retailers who stock them, needs to change. And social activism does not suffice unfortunately. Major players need to help create change and governments need to put proper legislation in place around these kinds of issues

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      • pjlazos 2018-11-10 / 1:52 pm

        I am beginning to think that grassroots movements are the only thing that affect social change. The people have to have buy-in for things to stick.😘

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  2. Brendan Birth 2019-01-14 / 2:19 pm

    Eek. Though if I’m realistic with myself, I often encounter the same issues. I sometimes get products in packages FLOODED with packaging popcorn.


    • amanda 2019-01-14 / 2:47 pm

      It doesn’t make sense, does it? Certainly not if the item is not delicate or breakable. Hopefully it’s just a matter of times before legislation and/or public pressure forces these companies to do things differently, especially if there are more sustainable means already in place

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      • Brendan Birth 2019-01-14 / 3:36 pm

        No it doesn’t. I hope for pressure or legislation that can force companies to do things differently, but I’m also not hopeful given our current leadership.


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