Popcorn smoothie, and how to use up leftover popcorn

In My Garden: Pelargonium Angel Eyes

I like popcorn. Its quick and easy to prepare and makes healthier eating than commercial shop bought chips and other salted snacks. Once your popcorn is popped, it just needs a shake of sea salt, or else a bit of garlic or onion salt to make it Truly Delicious. A few days I very sadly had to  abandon a freshly made batch when I had to rush out at short notice. When I arrived back home later, my popcorn was cold and unwelcoming, and also slightly soggy from the condensation that had formed on the inside of the lid of the pot. Also, I wasn’t really hungry now, as I had eaten a packet of Lays Salted Chips (delicious, but not exactly healthy or Zero Waste) in the car while driving back from my appointment.


But I wasn’t done with the popcorn yet: my Zero Waste conscience got me thinking about ways to Reuse or Recycle my sad batch. My other option was to Rot it on our compost heap (that’s three of the 5R’s), but I wanted to see if there were more creative options out there. So I went online and found some scrumptious ideas Here. Also Here for some non edible tips such as making a festive garland, making packing material, and feeding your garden Birdies.


Before you popcorn can become leftovers, you will first need to make some. Here’s how I make it at home:

  • Your cooking pot will need a well fitting lid, (unless your plan is to create Flying Popcorn).
  • Use a pot with a thick base, such as the one I use below.
  • Use high heat cooking oil such as canola, sunflower or grapeseed, and pour enough into your pot to just cover the base. (Don’t heat the oil yet)
  • Pour your popcorn kernels in till you have a nice dense single layer of cooking oil and kernels, ready to go.


In My Kitchen


  • I cook my popcorn on a gas hob as follows: Place lid on pot, turn gas on full and place pot on the burner. After a couple of minutes you will hear the unmistakable sound of popping corn and that singular smell where if you close your eyes, you will think you are at the Movies. Allow the popping to continue on thunderously and after a while you will notice that the pops become further apart at which stage you can think about removing the pot from the heat. Wait for silence before you lift the lid.
  • If you are not going to eat the popcorn straight away, make sure you wipe the condensation from the inside of the lid, and place a clean cotton cloth over the popcorn before replacing the lid. This will help to prevent sogginess.
  • Season your popped corn with a bit of salt: plain or flavoured. Don’t drown your delicate, delicious popcorn pieces in additives! Remember, less is more.  Enjoy with your beverage of choice.


And the cherry on the top for Creative Popcorn goes to ….Suzelle! (A South African favourite) See her link for a delicious Popcorn Smoothie.  Do watch the video, its loads of fun 😀






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