Decluttering: 10 positive points

The experience of clearing out stuff that has become an eyesore, not useful, or that we have simply grown tired of, can be surprisingly rejuvenating and leave with us a renewed energy and a huge sense of relief.
How we benefit:
1.We say goodbye to stuff that is no longer adding value to our homes, our health and a positive sense of self, and that may even be hindering our ability to move forward with a sense of purpose. (if it’s still not mended/repaired after 3 months,maybe it’s time to just get rid of it)
2.Decluttering allows us an opportunity to re-evaluate and re-organize our physical space in a way that makes practical sense, thus streamlining and simplifying our routines and activities.(how many kitchen knives do you really need?) We take a fresh look at the things we use and how we can improve our use of our available space.
3.We reconsider our tastes and preferences regarding what we really like, love and choose to surround ourselves with. As individuals we grow and change over time and this will reflect in how we feel about the items that occupy space in our homes and work environment.
4.We can take a good hard look at what kind of ownership and experience is important in our lives, bearing in mind that happiness is a state of being, not a state of having. If this is true, then perhaps we need fewer things than we own.

For the longes time, I thought I needed to be more organized. Now I know I just needed less stuff. | InspiredRD.comLisa Mende Design: Simplify Your Life


5.We go within and choose what not to chuck…For instance, pause before being too ruthless about your old family treasures. Keeping a few select pieces that you have inherited may be a compromise between hanging onto every last piece, and forcing yourself to be overly enthusiastic in ‘getting rid of all the old stuff’.

6.We get to give! We may find that some items become redundant in our lives, and we may decide to do without them. This is the perfect opportunity to then hand these over: to a friend or family member who we know will make better use of them, or even better: to someone less fortunate, or to an organisation which supports disadvantaged people or animals or environmental issues. In ZA there are many organisations which will gladly take your unwanted goods. Hospice will be very happy to accept your donations.

7.Less clutter in your space means less stuff to clean, and who doesn’t love that!

8.Less clutter in your space means less household dust and other waste that can cause allergy related health issues like skin reactions and hayfever .

9.We find new treasures and think creatively as we declutter, taking a fresh look at the familiar and even finding new uses for items that we had grown tired of.

10.We feel empowered and more efficient in a cleaner, clearer space in which everything has a place and a purpose. 🙂

So take that first step! And may you find yourself on a path of positive renewal and self-discovery. All that, and a cleaner home of course!



6 thoughts on “Decluttering: 10 positive points

  1. Val Boyko 2017-07-06 / 1:31 am

    I do love clearing the old and creating space for something more worthwhile. It has intention and opens up possibilities.
    When I think of “Cleaning” …. it’s more about maintaining rather than creating and inspiring!
    On the other hand, having loud beat music on when I vacuum helps a lot.

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    • amandavanniekerk 2017-07-06 / 11:31 am

      Yes you are right… a better title for this post is its subtitle “10 points on the joys of decluttering”, which better describes the content. Thank you for your comments 🙂


  2. The Thrifty Campers 2017-07-26 / 2:48 pm

    I can fully relate to this post. I’ve been a clutter bug ever since I can remember and am now breaking the habit which has been a struggle but am at a point where I have no choice but to. Thanks for the positivity🙂


    • amandavanniekerk 2017-07-26 / 2:54 pm

      Pleasure! And good luck…you will no doubt feel better for it once you start to see the light at the end of the mess! 🙂


      • The Thrifty Campers 2017-07-26 / 3:08 pm

        Oh I can only hope so, I always have this “sentimentality” when it comes to every belonging of mine lol. So great your fully able to rid the clutter though🙂

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  3. kelsblisslist 2017-07-27 / 3:07 pm

    I am an emotional collector. I hate getting rid of things because there is a memory attached to it. I worry that if I get rid of it, I will regret it. I have bins in my basement full of stuff I haven’t even looked at in years that I’m holding on to. And for what? I need to learn to let go. Thanks for this!

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